Le Vent

Filmed at 1000 Frames a second for Super Slow-Mo, and set to an epic Radiohead Soundtrack, this will inspire even cultural cretins like me to enjoy the Ballet…


Cycle Me Home

Yesterday I joined some new friends to watch 32,000 people take part in the Cape Argus Cycle Race. The crazy buggers cycled 108kms from the City to the Cape of Good Hope, and back again! It’s definitely something which has been added to my bucket list, best keep going to those spinning classes!

Speaking of cyclists on epic journeys, I’m looking forward to the release of this film:    



One Person’s Legend is another Person’s TV Ad

Etta James: 25th January 1938 - 20th January 2012

She literally embodied Soul for me. Passionate, reckless, unstoppable and inimitable. I do have a soft spot for female Rhythm and Blues of this era. Nina Simone was undoubtedly a better musician, Ella Fitzgerald had more mass appeal, and Billie Holiday, being form an altogether more refined era, was much more of a lady.

Etta James though…  Drug Addiction, Failed Relationships, Abuse and Jail Terms couldn’t detract from her fantastic voice.

Oh and the TV Ad? Well that was pretty good too:

The Journey So Far…

I don’t seem to have a lot of staying power. The last couple of times I have moved to a new  continent I have started a new blog. Full of hope, optimism and good intentions. Somehow along the way things never quite turn out right, and I falter after the first few attempts.

I think I have always been a bit too worried about what people will think of me when they read what I have to say. But to be honest, that’s a little bit self obsessed isn’t it? If you have randomly stumbled across this blog then the chances are you don’t really give a monkey’s who I am or indeed what I have to say, just as long as it looks good and is mildly entertaining. If you know me, well, I’m sure you can find some way of taking the mickey out me can’t you?!

My travel blog whilst living in South Africa in 2010 was largely hindered by the fact that I was living without access to the internet. So although I met some amazing people and saw some fantastic places, I never really got into the blogging side of things.

I Spent most of 2011 in Guatemala and Mexico. Although I had much more ready access to the internet, my posts were pedestrian at best and downright pretentious at worst!

So it’s third time lucky (I hope). I am not going to try and be clever, of funny, if I happen to be either of them then that’s a bonus.

I am probably going to be sharing a lot of photos:

Talking about the Music that I am loving:

A fantastic collaboration from local Amigos The October Game and their good friends Toodar.

Zooey Deschanel + M. Ward = ♥

And M85, because everyone needs a little bit of electro in their lives.

And Generally I will try not to take myself too seriously. I will also probably say hi to my sister, as she is the only one likely to read this…